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We help businesses delight customers, stay ahead of competition and disrupt markets
Current worldwide crisis presents an opportunity for growth. Customer behavior is in flux, decision-making gets emotional. Budgets are cut. Products are hired for new jobs, compared by new criteria.
Now is the time to learn what makes your customers look for solution. What their struggle is about. What they are striving to achieve.
Invest in understanding your market, so you can innovate successfully, save money on experiments and lead with stronger CX. Now is the time.
  • Julia Mogilevets
    senior product marketing manager, Kaspersky Lab
    "Initially, we wanted to position the app for a new audience, understand how to fine tune the interface and communication with minimal costs. As a result, we also got a ton of insights on the subject of privacy, plunged into JTBD and saw competitors that we never thought about. The results and conclusions were very clear and tangible - we could just go and do it."
  • Michael Brodnikov
    chief executive officer, SOK
    "USEFUL combined several frameworks for our tasks in order to advance in a short time with СX and communication. And at once for several segments. The result was a clear "map" for planning actions at the first stage of business development, when uncertainties and opportunities bring down the most."
  • Alexey Milekhin
    product manager, Kaspersky Lab
    "After research, I can rely in my work on a list of verified and categorized job stories, which greatly simplifies decision making. But the design sprint process proved to be the main value for me. We saw how to work on hypotheses in this robust way, engage colleagues from other departments, learned to constructively discuss ideas and vote on the best. The output is a well-developed solution that all team members are happy about. Awesome!"
  • Ksenia Shemyakina
    head of specialist product, Ruki (Profi.ru)
    "USEFUL competently recruited respondents and conducted interviews. Identified the problems of users that they solve with the help of repair services and identified the contexts in which this happens. They showed us real competitors. We plunged into the theory of JTBD, and were well prepared for the brand session, where we had to choose the primary specialist segment and the product concept."
Our clients include
Coffee Bean
Kaspersky Lab
Rybakov Foundation
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