We'll help you understand your users, find opportunities for disruptions and accelerate the launch phase.
We'll help you understand your users, find opportunities for disruptions and accelerate the launch phase
We work with companies
of any size and digital sophistication
We are good at understanding human needs. You can hire us to do ad hoc research or to train your team. We'll find relevant interviewees from any part of the world and talk to them (as long as they speak English). We use a few methodologies, but we're particularly fond of Jobs-to-be-Done, and we try to share our learnings as much as we can.
User research
What we do
We can help your team make a product that will be hired by many customers. We'll fix the problem areas, improve the stuff that's most important for users, design a great onboarding, etc. — while keeping in mind the business objectives and technical limitations. And of course all the prototypes and MVPs will be tested on users.
Product design
Our third capacity is the turbo mode switch. Sometimes it's all about the speed — the speed of testing hypotheses and launching products. By working together for a few days, we can develop a new product strategy, build a prototype and test it, come up with a new positioning or value propositions. We apply modern frameworks, approved by the best IT companies.
We're particularly
Jobs to be Done methodology makes it easier
We've been applying JTBD successfully for more than 3 years, working with clients from various industries, and we're always eager to share our learnings with others:
Our talk on JTBD theory & practice @ Product Sense conference in 2018
Corporate education: we enable product and research teams to use JTBD on a daily basis
Online course for those who want to start using JTBD on their own
to understand your customer's needs, create products based on that and sell them effectively.
From idea to prototype
Design sprint is a process that saves your team several months of developing, approving and testing ideas for new product or feature.
Design sprint will give you all the answers (except the one about life, universe and everything):
How is the product supposed to look and work?
Is the idea worth a few months of effort?
Will your value proposition click with the audience?
How to sell the idea to other team members and executives?
By the end of the last day your team will have interactive prototype, actionable feedback from users and a list of next steps everyone is happy about.
Don't waste months on testing an idea
Read about our design sprints with Kaspersky Lab and Mentori.
& feedback in 5 days
if 5 days are enough
Amazon, Facebook, Tencent, Uber, Airbnb, Valve, Houzz,
We've designed a special workshop to help you look at your business with fresh eyes and fly into the future on the Rocket of Network Effect.
Our PT workshop takes just 1 day and enables to:
Define your Core Value Unit and Core Interactions
Understand how to pull new consumers and producers, facilitate interactions and match them
Find new ways to control the quality of CVUs and monetize
Evaluate your current Platform Stack and think of upgrade scenarios (community, infrastructure, data)
Conduct an audit of your product portfolio (useful for VC)
At the end of the day your team will have a new platform strategy (summarized on Platform Canvas), solid input for backlog and streamlined communication between the workshop participants.
Start thinking about your business in terms
you name it — the most valuable companies today use platform thinking in one way or another.
of external interactions and ecosystem value
Our work
JTBD research for Ruki platform
Check out our talk at Product Sense conference, in which we go into detail about our user research for on-demand home repair service called Ruki.
Design sprint for Mentori
We were among the first to practice the GV methodology in Russia, and we shared our very first experience of prototyping and testing a product in 5 days in this article.
In this case study we tried to give more pro tips for those who want to step up their sprint game. Also, the client team shared their impressions from the workshop.
Design Sprint for Kaspersky Lab
Our reads and talks
Join us to learn
something new every day
Please get in touch if you're a researcher, strategist, UX designer or anyone else who wants to make useful products (even part time).
What our clients say
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